6 Questions to ask yourself in 2019

six questions to ask yourself when getting healthy

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get serious about getting healthy in 2019.  Countless American’s list getting healthy and/or weight loss as their #1 resolution for the new year.  However if you want to be successful, there are a few questions you need to first ask yourself. 

How serious are you about your health?  
Before you start making changes to your health, start by asking yourself is “what is your mindset”? Are you willing to make your health your top priority? Do you have time in your schedule to exercise, eat healthy, and sleep?  What obstacles from preventing you from accomplishing these goals?

What are your goals?
What goals do you have for 2019?  Most resolutions fail because they are wishes more than goals, so setting a goal of getting healthy or losing weight is doomed to fail.  Use SMART goals to ask yourself:

  • Is it Specific?  (i.e. – lose 10 lbs. vs. lose weight)
  • How is it Measured? (how the goal is quantified:  minutes exercised, lbs. lost)
  • Is it Attainable? (are you capable of accomplishing this goal?)
  • Is it Realistic?(is the goal realistic based on schedule, life stage, etc.)
  • Is it Time-based?(how long will it take you to accomplish this goal?)

What support system do I have to help me succeed?
Most American’s ditch their resolutions by mid-January because they are trying to succeed using will power alone.  Accountability is key!  Success is found in fit-friends and family who are committed to helping you stick to your goals.  Find people who will go to the gym with you when you don’t feel like exercising or keep you accountable for the foods you eat. Which people do I need to avoid right now as I make changes to my health.  

What’s your plan of attack?
Ask yourself how are you going to achieve your goals?  When are you going to exercise?  When do you have time to go to the grocery store?  What do I need to change to get 8 hours of sleep?  Treat your health like a priority because without your health you can’t work, take care of family or have good quality of life.  This means making time in your schedule to exercise, eat healthy, going to the doctors (and physical therapist) and sleep. Treat these times like appointments on your calendar that can’t be missed or rescheduled. 

When and how are you most stressed?
We don’t always have control over our lives but you can certainly control your responses?  Ask yourself – “When do I feel most stressed” and just as importantly, “how do I react to stress?” If your tendency is to eat sugar when stressed, it’s time to develop a new coping mechanism like taking a walk or deep breathing exercises.  The good news is adding exercise, nourishing foods and sleep will also help your body’s ability to cope with stress.  

How are you going to celebrate success?   
American’s love to plan for failure, but it’s equally as important to plan for and celebrate success both when you accomplish your goal but as you achieve milestones along the way.   Before you start working on your goal, find something (non-food/alcohol) to motivate you. Ideas may include a massage, a new gadget, a vacation or even a day off of work.